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There's no one like Joey

Joey had friends everywhere, he didn't have an enemy. There was nothing about him that made for anyone to dislike him. He was NEVER negative, always tried to steer everyone to the positive. Yes, he was so stubborn it was ridiculous, but that was our Joe, and we all needed our Joe.

Just Monday night he was yelling at me on facebook chat that I needed new tires on my car. But, not really yelling, just being Joe in expressing what he thought was correct and wanted to make it known. That's just him, always with good intentions.

Over seven billion people on this world, everyone is important to someone; and no one person more important in the big scheme of things than anyone one else, except for ones within themselves that think that they are all that. But time proves out, that no one is all that, and many have their bubbles bursted when they have to come to that reality at some point in their vain lives.

But, here I write about my son Joe. If anyone could have the words put to them that 'they are all that' with Joe's much disapproval, because he never ever thought he was someone special. In fact when we use to tell him that he was so smart (of which he was) not saying that just because he's my son, but everyone in his life new that about him, he was in cloud 11 and easily on his way to 27, in understanding up against anyone, ask anyone that new him, anyone; but he would deny it all the time. To Joe himself, he was never 'all that', but to his family and friends, in such a good way, he was 'ALL THAT'.

His facebook name even proved that out, Just Joe, to him he was Just Joe, but to me, him my son, and to his family and friends, he was 'ALL THAT' to all of us!

He will be so missed by so many! His passing will leave a void in everyones hearts.

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